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Why You Should Never Buy Travel Insurance From Online Booking Sites Like Expedia, Orbitz, Etc

Buying travel insurance is usually something you should at least consider and depending on your circumstances, it might be money well spent. As I’ve explained, in the past I turned out to be very fortunate while travelling without much insurance and have promised myself to not make that mistake again. I do consider it every time I leave the country and always have some kind of coverage. What I Would Never Buy One thing that I’ve never purchased though is insurance from sites like Expedia, Orbitz. Why? Offers such as this one: Which are usually offered while booking, right after

Choosing a Good Travel Insurance Policy

Traveling the world and living new experiences is a passion for many people.  Once you have booked your vacation but before you pack your bags you have to decide if and with which company you will purchase your travel insurance policy. Not purchasing a travel insurance policy is one of the biggest mistakes that travellers can make. There are so many unexpected events that can happen when travelling that it is always a good idea to be as prepared as possible for a worst case scenario.  You can lose your luggage, your flights can be delayed, or you can have

When Should You Buy Your Travel Insurance?

Have you heard about this little thing called travel insurance? I am sure that you have heard people talk about purchasing travel insurance.  I am also sure that if you purchased your vacations with a travel agent or a discount travel website you have been offered to purchase travel insurance.  Travel insurance can help protect you, your belongings, and your loved ones in the case of an emergency or unforeseen event while travelling. Travel insurance can help make sure you receive alternate accommodations if your flights are delayed or cancelled, travel insurance can help cover the cost of medical expenses

Get a travel insurance policy just for you

Taking a yearly vacation is a personal goal for many people and of course everyone wants to have fun when they are on vacation, but what would you do if you got sick or became injured during your vacation?  Not many people are financially prepared to pay for medical and hospitalization fees when they are travelling overseas because no one wants to think about the worst possible scenario when they are on vacation.  This is why it is so important to purchase a travel insurance policy to protect yourself in case of an injury or sickness while travelling. Where to

Do you have Extreme Adventure Insurance?

Is your job in a high risk industry? Do you take risks each and every day that you go to work? Maybe you are a race car driver, a professional (or a semi professional) athlete or maybe you are a fire fighter.  These are all high risk jobs that could potentially end up in a fatality every single day that you go to work.  There is a football movie called “Any Given Sunday” and it is based on the principal that any given Sunday an NFL player could end up injured or hospitalized during a football game. This is definitely

Travel insurance for your kids. Do you need it?

Good morning everyone.  We have talked a lot about individual travel insurance plans on this site; we have covered single trip insurance policies as well as multiple trip travel insurance policies. We have discussed how to choose the right coverage to protect you and your spouse in case of a medical or travel emergency while on vacation; but what about your kids? Travel insurance policies usually cover the person who is purchasing the travel insurance policy but for an additional cost you can also purchase travel and medical insurance for your spouse and kids. Why travel insurance is important for

Why you need a Travel Insurance Quote

So you are going on vacation, I am sure that you are very excited; but have you thought about getting a travel insurance quote?  Having travel insurance should be a must for anyone who is planning their next vacation.  Travel insurance ensures that you and your family have a safe trip because it provides medical insurance coverage to you and your family while you are travelling outside of the country. This means that will have access to doctors and your medical costs will be covered by insurance in case you have an accident or need medical treatment while you are

Keep a digital copy of your travel documents…just in case

Picture This: You just had an amazing two week vacation, you have packed up all of your luggage and you are in line at the airport getting ready to check in for your flight home.  The flight attendant calls you up to the check in counter, you load your luggage onto the scale and then she asks for your passport and your ticket confirmation.  UH OH you just realized that you don’t have your wallet, your passport or any of your other travel documents…what do you do? Being Stranded Can Be Scary There can be nothing scarier then being stranded

Go Online and Get a Travel Insurance Quote

With the holidays coming up it is a good time to start searching discount travel websites and calling travel agents to try and find the best deal for your holiday getaway.  After your flights are booked and you start counting down the days until you leave for your holiday vacation you will have to purchase travel insurance. Travelling during the holidays can be very expensive and most people are trying to find the best deals possible so that they can save money on their holiday vacation.  Shopping around for travel insurance is no different than shopping around for your holiday

Ready. Set. Travel.

But wait! Before you board that airplane, get on the bus, jump in your car or hop on the train you need to buy travel insurance for your vacation.  The holidays are a very exciting time of the year with deals and discounts on every travel website and posted in the windows of every travel agency, but before you leave on your next vacation don’t forget to buy travel insurance. The allure of getting 40% off of your vacation or getting a free upgrade on your travel accommodations is very tempting, but don’t forget to buy travel insurance when you

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