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With the holidays coming up it is a good time to start searching discount travel websites and calling travel agents to try and find the best deal for your holiday getaway.  After your flights are booked and you start counting down the days until you leave for your holiday vacation you will have to purchase travel insurance. Travelling during the holidays can be very expensive and most people are trying to find the best deals possible so that they can save money on their holiday vacation.  Shopping around for travel insurance is no different than shopping around for your holiday vacation.  You definitely want to get the best possible travel insurance for the lowest possible price.

Why do you need travel insurance?

Frankly you need to purchase travel insurance because you can’t afford not to.  Take a moment and think about the possibility of you or one of your family members getting injured or sick in a foreign country.  Very often other countries have foods, bugs, and animals that our bodies are not familiar with and therefore we can have a horrible reaction to something that we eat or something that we come in contact with at any time during our vacation.

Having travel insurance protects you and your family in case an unfortunate event occurs while travelling and I am living proof that this can happen.  A few years ago while I was travelling in Spain I was bit by a bug and had a horrible (and painful) reaction.  I was thankful that I purchased out of country travel insurance because with the simple dial of a telephone I had access to a nearby doctor who spoke English.  I did not have to pay any medical expenses while in Spain because the doctor directly billed my insurance company back home.  Since I lived through this emergency medical experience I now always purchase travel insurance when I go on vacation.

How can you purchase travel insurance

Many insurance companies offer travel insurance but the best way to purchase travel insurance is online.  Search online and shop around for the best travel insurance deal.  You can visit your financial institutions website or you can visit your insurance company’s website to get a travel insurance quote online.  You can also visit the websites of specific travel insurance companies such as Blue Cross.

Most insurance companies offer discounts to travellers who purchase their travel insurance online. In order to get an online quote you will need your specific travel dates, your birth date, your travel destination and possibly your passport number.  An online travel insurance quote usually takes approximately 15 minutes so if you want to get 3 or more quotes (and I suggest that you do) be sure to give yourself enough time to get them all done.

Getting your travel insurance quote online is convenient because you can usually print your proof of insurance certificate as soon as you accept your quote and pay for your insurance.  It is very important to print your travel insurance certificate and keep it in your wallet at all times while travelling, just in case you have a medical emergency while you are on vacation.

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