Keep a digital copy of your travel documents…just in case

Picture This: You just had an amazing two week vacation, you have packed up all of your luggage and you are in line at the airport getting ready to check in for your flight home.  The flight attendant calls you up to the check in counter, you load your luggage onto the scale and then she asks for your passport and your ticket confirmation.  UH OH you just realized that you don’t have your wallet, your passport or any of your other travel documents…what do you do?

Being Stranded Can Be Scary

There can be nothing scarier then being stranded in a foreign country with absolutely no proof of your identity, no proof of your citizenship and no travel documents on hand. If you don’t have your ticket confirmation it’s ok because the flight attendant can look up your travel information in the computer system.  However if you don’t have any personal identification or your passport then there is absolutely no way that you will be able to get home. So I ask you again, what do you do if you are in a foreign country and you have lost all of your travel documents?

Keep a Backup of All Documents

I always keep a digital copy of my itinerary and all of my travel information , this way if I lose the actual paper documents I will always have a digital copy saved in my email or on my cell phone.  I am the exact same way with any type of excursion confirmations or ticket confirmations to local attractions while travelling.  It may seem a little obsessive, but it’s better to be safe rather than sorry…especially if you are in a foreign country.

Don’t take any chances while you are travelling in foreign countries, keep digital copies of all of your travel documents and even a photo of one of your personal identifications.  This way if your travel documents and luggage are lost or delayed you will still have proof of your travel arrangements and your identity.

Always Be Safe While Travelling

When you travel it is suggested by the federal government that you always take precautions – just in case of a worst possible scenario. Advise someone of your travel itinerary and email a copy of all your travel documents to a close family member or friend.  This ensures that someone at home will always know where you are and what you are doing.  It also ensures that you have a back up of your back up travel documents with your family member or friend in case your original travel documents are lost.

When you are travelling and you are out exploring the city make sure to keep one piece of identification on you and leave the rest of your travel documents back at your hotel room in the safe (or in another safe location).   This makes sure that you always have one piece of identification on you at all times in case you need medical assistance or in case you need proof of your age.  It also makes sure that all of your travel documents are not lost in case you lose or wallet or in case it is stolen while travelling.

What is your number one travel tip?

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