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But wait! Before you board that airplane, get on the bus, jump in your car or hop on the train you need to buy travel insurance for your vacation.  The holidays are a very exciting time of the year with deals and discounts on every travel website and posted in the windows of every travel agency, but before you leave on your next vacation don’t forget to buy travel insurance. The allure of getting 40% off of your vacation or getting a free upgrade on your travel accommodations is very tempting, but don’t forget to buy travel insurance when you book your next vacation.

Buy Travel Insurance Because You Need It

The holidays can definitely be an expensive time of the year with gifts to buy, dinners to cook and parties to attend.  If you are planning to travel during the holidays you may be looking to cut costs at any expense, but the truth is that you should always buy travel insurance when going on vacation.

Travel insurance helps cover the costs of any medical emergencies while travelling.  If you get sick, if you need to visit a doctor or if you are admitted to a hospital having travel insurance can help reduce and/or cover your unexpected costs.  Travel insurance can also cover any costs if your trip is delayed or interrupted.  If your luggage is lost or delayed having travel insurance can help cover any costs to replace your personal items or find alternate travel accommodations.

Before you leave on your vacation you may be asking yourself if you can afford the extra cost of travel insurance, however the real question that you should be asking yourself is can you afford not to purchase travel insurance.

Buy Travel Insurance Just In Case

Surprisingly many people do not buy travel insurance because they feel they don’t need it.  But the truth is that no one ever plans on having an emergency, that’s the whole purpose of buying travel insurance.  Think about this…you are on your dream vacation with your family or friends.  You have escaped the cold winter weather for a warmer climate and you are about to ring in the New Year in a new country.  Now think about getting sick or getting bitten by a strange animal in a foreign country.  What do you do?

Many people don’t know that your domestic health insurance does not cover the cost of your medical expenses while travelling to foreign countries. This is one of the reasons why you should always buy travel insurance. Foreign countries are great places to visit but they are just that…foreign.  We are not familiar with the climate, the food, the insects and the natural habitat of foreign countries.  Therefore we don’t know the symptoms of their sicknesses or the severity of their natural habitat.

It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry while traveling and this is why you should always buy travel insurance when you are going on vacation.

Where did you purchase your travel insurance?

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