Travel insurance for your kids. Do you need it?

Good morning everyone.  We have talked a lot about individual travel insurance plans on this site; we have covered single trip insurance policies as well as multiple trip travel insurance policies. We have discussed how to choose the right coverage to protect you and your spouse in case of a medical or travel emergency while on vacation; but what about your kids?

Travel insurance policies usually cover the person who is purchasing the travel insurance policy but for an additional cost you can also purchase travel and medical insurance for your spouse and kids.

Why travel insurance is important for kids

It is very important to have travel insurance for your kids in case they have a medical emergency while travelling out of the state or out of the country.  If you have individual travel insurance coverage it may not cover any medical costs for your kids if they are injured while travelling, it may also not cover the costs to replace their personal items if your bags are lost or delayed while travelling.  Individual travel insurance may also not cover the costs to make additional travel arrangements if your flights are cancelled or delayed while travelling.

Kids are curious people, sometimes they just don’t know any better and sometimes they get into trouble for trying new things and exploring new places. Having travel and medical insurance for your kids is a good idea because the odds are greater of a child getting hurt or injured while on vacation than they are for an adult.

Check with your credit card company or travel insurance provider

Some travel insurance policies do automatically cover your immediate family members such as your spouse and your kids, but this is not always automatically included in all travel insurance policies.  It is a good idea to contact your travel insurance company and ask questions about who is covered and how much coverage you have before you leave for your vacation because if you do it afterwards it may be too late.

If you have a travel rewards credit card you may automatically be covered for travel insurance at no additional cost; therefore you will not need to purchase additional travel or medical insurance for you and your family.  Some credit card companies will cover all family members who are travelling with you, some credit card companies cover only immediate family members and some credit card companies only provide travel and medical insurance when you purchase your vacation with your credit card. This is why it is very important to read the fine print in your travel insurance policy and contact your credit card company to ask questions before you travel.

The details of using the travel insurance from your credit card for your kids vary among credit card companies.  Sometimes the kids just have to be travelling with you and something their trip just has to be purchased with your credit card.  However, sometimes a credit card company will send you a travel insurance card to keep in your wallet while travelling.  This is why it’s always a good idea to contact your credit card or travel insurance company before travelling to get all of the details.

Do you have plans to travel during the holidays?

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