Why You Should Never Buy Travel Insurance From Online Booking Sites Like Expedia, Orbitz, Etc

Buying travel insurance is usually something you should at least consider and depending on your circumstances, it might be money well spent. As I’ve explained, in the past I turned out to be very fortunate while travelling without much insurance and have promised myself to not make that mistake again. I do consider it every time I leave the country and always have some kind of coverage.

What I Would Never Buy

One thing that I’ve never purchased though is insurance from sites like Expedia, Orbitz. Why?

Offers such as this one:

Which are usually offered while booking, right after and even in the email confirmation.

Why would I not even consider it? Think about it. Before even asking me any questions, they are willing to offer me a policy. To me, that is suspicious. Not in the sense that it’s a fraud but just that the pricing is not great. Basically, they are selling it for a price that they’d feel comfortable offering to almost anyone. But I’m young, in shape, have very little “risk”, etc. So why would I settle for this rate when giving the insurance company a bit more info might help them take their premium down?

What To Do Then?

So when I do buy some type of travel insurance, I make sure to look at options offered by brokers. It might be different if I felt I did not have a good “risk profile”.

How about you? Have you offer purchased insurance from one of those companies? If so, how did that go?

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